Performance Load; Example

 Product 1- Keyless car key

The automatic car key is adequate example that complies with the design brief, as it only takes a small amount of mental power to press the bottom and open the car. The image here shows clearly the simplicity of opening a door by pressing the unlock icon. The objects can therefore efficiently shows its purpose to open and close quickly and the design doesn’t defer from the purpose.


Product 2- iPhone

A mobile phone, more specifically an iPhone is an easy method of communication. It allows a person to send emails quicker with the portable function of it being able to travel anywhere with you. Any smart phone helps to drastically reduce the kinematic load satisfying the performance load design principle.


Product 3- A potato peeler

A potato peeler satisfies the basic design principle of performance load as it is easy and simple to use for anyone, nearly any aged person can use this simple household appliance. You are able to glance at the product and know quite quickly how to use it. There is no fiddling around with small parts, instruction manuals or buttons, it’s simple and effective design doesn’t distract from its main goal, to peal potatoes.