Consistency; Q2

Product 1- Magazines

An example of where consistency is a requirement in everyday life is in magazines and the content that is presented. The information in each publication will always have structure that the readers are familiar with, making their reading experience easy and follows a consistent flow each week. Each magazine has something special about its appearance that rarely changes, unless strong input has been enforced by the readers. Many companies though try rarely to change the structure or logo as the familiarity of the product is what entices readers to return.

Product 2- Bath and Shower knobs; Red= hot, Blue= cold

A product that is consistent all over the world is the colouring for shower and bath knobs, that is red signifying hot water and blue being cold. Without this awareness of colours all over the world this universal icon could be something of a hazard without knowledge. This function of colours makes people in countries where the language spoken is their first, able to make a simple decision like having a bath or shower easier by knowing that red is hot and blue is cold.

Product 3- Airplane Ticket

An airline must provide all customers with a ticket that shows them to their seat number and have time of flight and flight number provided for all. A ticket is provided so that people are familiar with the happenings and feel a sense of security when flying. Commonality within all airlines is that all tickets are common in what is presented on each ticket. Without the consistency of this people would be unfamiliar when flying and only become co-dependent with one airline, which would cause bad results for business.