Credibility; Q3


In the future there will be many issues that continue to arise with the wide world web and the credibility that it holds. With technology becoming so advanced, in a very rapid fashion the general public need to become aware of the changes and process that are happening and how to ensure you are using legitimate and reliable internet sites, especially when it comes to online shopping and online banking. Issues that will continue to arise will be;

–          Anyone is able to create a website, with any information they want.

–          The ability of under generations to use technology rapidly means that more content is made accessible to all ages through the internet.

–          Online commerce sites, such as EBay and online internet will continue to have interferences with fraud and security, an increase in demand for these website will need to lead to higher security and monitoring.

–          With the introduction of web 3.0 more promotional ideas are being brought in for the wider network of people.

–          With the introduction of Wikipedia many more online sources like this will become more common, making it more difficult to assess credible information and trustworthy sources without being caught out.