Credibility; Q4


Presumed credibility describes the extent to which a person believes something because of what their general knowledge and assumption is.

An example of an website that is of presumed knowledge would be ‘Oxfam Australia’, this credible source is helping those in poverty and helps contribute to those who are in poverty ravished countries. Through the communication and information that is spoken about this website is known for the charitable works it performs and that it specific for the topic that it is representing.


Many people’s perception of credibility on the Wed often leads to the centre of reputed credibility, a form that is based on the endorsement or recommendation of a third party company or individual. On the web this is showed in the form of awards, seals of approval, certified links and approval of friends.

A website that has been recommended by many, especially tutors and lectures at University is JStor. The mouth of word referral was used for this website, and has provided reliable and credible information when completing work. Word of mouth is a powerful tool when using websites as it gives you an insight into what you are looking for before even accessing the website.


Surface credibility relies on you to make judgement or direct experience when it comes to a website. This is purely up to first impressions and what you think of the overall design and aesthetics of the website.

The website for BMW Australia presents surface credibility from the moment you first access the website. The website detonates professionalism through factors such as the layout of information and the clear colour scheme that is used. The colour scheme is simple and the colours that represent the company, and what people know the company for, blue’s and whites.


Earned credibility is the most difficult to achieve, but has the highest chances of changing attitudes and behaviours towards a website. When credibility is earned, people are more likely to spend extra time on the website and visit it more often.

The website that has earned credibility in terms to online shopping, which in today’s society is becoming more prominent is Asos fashion. This online shop is recognised worldwide for its fast, secure online payments and for shipping all over the world. With reliable sources and products that come from international stores, makes it accessible for everyone, and a very popular choice for people in this type of retail.


Credibility; Q3


In the future there will be many issues that continue to arise with the wide world web and the credibility that it holds. With technology becoming so advanced, in a very rapid fashion the general public need to become aware of the changes and process that are happening and how to ensure you are using legitimate and reliable internet sites, especially when it comes to online shopping and online banking. Issues that will continue to arise will be;

–          Anyone is able to create a website, with any information they want.

–          The ability of under generations to use technology rapidly means that more content is made accessible to all ages through the internet.

–          Online commerce sites, such as EBay and online internet will continue to have interferences with fraud and security, an increase in demand for these website will need to lead to higher security and monitoring.

–          With the introduction of web 3.0 more promotional ideas are being brought in for the wider network of people.

–          With the introduction of Wikipedia many more online sources like this will become more common, making it more difficult to assess credible information and trustworthy sources without being caught out.

Credibility; Q2

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that allows user of the internet to freely access information that has been posted, thus allowing them to freely create new posts, edit old ones and add information to other people’s work without having any authority to do so. A lot of the time this is being done by merely young children and people who are wanting to have some fun and muck around with information that can sometimes be of logic and reliable. Stanford University conducted an investigation into the use of Wikipedia and saw that more than 900 000 authors are registered on the site. With over a billion people able to access the internet at anytime this is a worrying indication that information can be tampered with at anytime, without authors being aware. Although we are often told to stay away from Wikipedia it can be useful as a guide or to merely inform you of any topic given, thus making your research easier to conduct through reliable sources. It can also be noted that that there are little to no checks and balances that are conducted in place to monitor what is going onto the website, and who is putting it on. If you are wanting to use Wikipedia to find information out, you are best to scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the sources the author has used, and then go to those links to find more information, you will then know if the information you’re receiving is reliable and credible.

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Credibility; Q1

In today’s society there are various reasons to why credibility should be evaluated in order for websites to be seen as reliable. A key factor would be that the author is always being acknowledged for the work being put in. Web credibility is important as it such a major source of information for people today. People across the globe turn to the Internet daily to get their daily news, to get information about an issue.

Some simple factors that help our perception of a site’s credibility are:

–          A professional looking design

–          The information is presented in a clear and logical manner

–          The references from the sites go to where the information is from

Also, there are some factors to be aware of that prevent a website from being credible:

–          Typological errors present

–          Untrustworthy links to other websites

–          A large amount of advertisements promoting irrelevant information

As a university student web credibility is becoming a more crucial element when completing work. Ensuring that our information we are receiving is of correct information and relevant can be difficult to come by, unless searching in current spots and that the information has been credited by certified associations. According to Deborah Grimes, “Students are seduced by convenience and speed” (2001). The alludes to many scholars becoming more and more worried for students, particularly those who use online sources without properly researching using other methods, this is when the quality of student work will begin to decrease as a result.


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