Credibility; Q1

In today’s society there are various reasons to why credibility should be evaluated in order for websites to be seen as reliable. A key factor would be that the author is always being acknowledged for the work being put in. Web credibility is important as it such a major source of information for people today. People across the globe turn to the Internet daily to get their daily news, to get information about an issue.

Some simple factors that help our perception of a site’s credibility are:

–          A professional looking design

–          The information is presented in a clear and logical manner

–          The references from the sites go to where the information is from

Also, there are some factors to be aware of that prevent a website from being credible:

–          Typological errors present

–          Untrustworthy links to other websites

–          A large amount of advertisements promoting irrelevant information

As a university student web credibility is becoming a more crucial element when completing work. Ensuring that our information we are receiving is of correct information and relevant can be difficult to come by, unless searching in current spots and that the information has been credited by certified associations. According to Deborah Grimes, “Students are seduced by convenience and speed” (2001). The alludes to many scholars becoming more and more worried for students, particularly those who use online sources without properly researching using other methods, this is when the quality of student work will begin to decrease as a result.


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