Credibility; Q4


Presumed credibility describes the extent to which a person believes something because of what their general knowledge and assumption is.

An example of an website that is of presumed knowledge would be ‘Oxfam Australia’, this credible source is helping those in poverty and helps contribute to those who are in poverty ravished countries. Through the communication and information that is spoken about this website is known for the charitable works it performs and that it specific for the topic that it is representing.


Many people’s perception of credibility on the Wed often leads to the centre of reputed credibility, a form that is based on the endorsement or recommendation of a third party company or individual. On the web this is showed in the form of awards, seals of approval, certified links and approval of friends.

A website that has been recommended by many, especially tutors and lectures at University is JStor. The mouth of word referral was used for this website, and has provided reliable and credible information when completing work. Word of mouth is a powerful tool when using websites as it gives you an insight into what you are looking for before even accessing the website.


Surface credibility relies on you to make judgement or direct experience when it comes to a website. This is purely up to first impressions and what you think of the overall design and aesthetics of the website.

The website for BMW Australia presents surface credibility from the moment you first access the website. The website detonates professionalism through factors such as the layout of information and the clear colour scheme that is used. The colour scheme is simple and the colours that represent the company, and what people know the company for, blue’s and whites.


Earned credibility is the most difficult to achieve, but has the highest chances of changing attitudes and behaviours towards a website. When credibility is earned, people are more likely to spend extra time on the website and visit it more often.

The website that has earned credibility in terms to online shopping, which in today’s society is becoming more prominent is Asos fashion. This online shop is recognised worldwide for its fast, secure online payments and for shipping all over the world. With reliable sources and products that come from international stores, makes it accessible for everyone, and a very popular choice for people in this type of retail.


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