Aesthetic-Usability Effect; Q2

Product 1

The first example of aesthetics is a florist. The florist is a good example because the shop always needs to be looking immaculate to encourage clients to by produce from their store. The colouring nature of the flowers and plants that are available engages customers to approach the shop, and therefore encourages word of mouth to form introducing more customers and boosting sales. In reaching the design principle of looks and accessibility a florist is a fitting example, with the willingness to aspire to create aesthetic designs.

Product 2

Aesthetics plays a major role in fashion. The creation of fashion and who it appeals to is immediately impacted by aesthetics. The human connection made with the creation of fashion decides on whether or not the fashion is to be made international and have a strong reputation in the market. This would then have an instant effect on the creations made by the designer. Shoppers need to automatically feel a connection to the clothing to buy it, and feel that it will gain attention by people.  If the fashion becomes a part of the mainstream then this indicates that the design has been accepted by a wide range of people and organizations.

Product 3

Jewellery has a strong reputation to be beautiful, something that is constantly appealing to the eye, an item that anyone who sees it immediately wants it. This is a lot to uphold for any company, but a company in particular is able to do this remarkably, Tiffany & Co. This jewellery company is able to uphold such a high standard of aesthetics that people all around the world are pinning for a little blue box.  This is overall a spectacular example of aesthetics and how its features play such a personal role in the design and evoke strong feelings towards a customer.


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